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CureNotProfit a 501(C)(3) Chiropractic Charity in Encinitas

Prevention is the best form of cure.  Our mission is to spread the miracle of holistic healthcare to underserved populations: those with serious medical and financial needs.

In our hearts, we believe that those with the ability to give back have the responsibility to do so. That's why we're so proud to celebrate the founding of a 501(C)(3) wellness charity in the spirit of giving, loving, and serving on a whole new level!

Inspired by Caroline, a brave and beautiful little girl with a very serious cancer, CureNotProfit is our way of providing free and sliding-scale chiropractic care for special populations including those with serious medical conditions, financial needs, and our nation's first responders.  Caroline's mom has shared her chiropractic story with others at Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego because she has done better than many of her peers with the same type of cancer.  We are brought to happy tears knowing that Caroline is now back in preschool and dance classes, done with her medical treatments, off all medications, and her beautiful hair is now much longer than mine!  Caroline and her mom continue to receive Chiropractic care and they're not alone.

Every dollar raised goes to patient care and expanding our capacity for community service.

We have already passed the 300 adjustment milestone and look forward to giving, loving, and serving more but we need your help!  We donated our time to take care of nearly 80 firefighters after the Carlsbad fires, we are taking care of several local active duty and military veterans, and we are currently working on a project to take care of more kids with cancer.  Every donation helps.


"We became doctors because we want to help people get well and stay well naturally.  It's an honor to serve our community through both Chiropractic Health & Happiness and the CureNotProfit charity."

- Drs. Ian & Lindsay Hoffman (founders)